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Nisargam Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria

Nisargam Plant Growth Promoting Rhizobacteria is a unique powder based compost accelerating formulation of cellulose, starch & protein degrading micro organisms, which decompose any type of organic waste matter to produce the best quality compost manure.

Why Nisargam? : The micro organisms present in Nisargam acts on organic waste matter (crop residue) by a biochemical process. These aerobic microbes decompose organic waste matter in to a final product known as Compost. Using as decomposing agricultural green waste to produce organic manure in pits or heaps with 50-60% moisture at medium to high temperatures, it generally takes around 2-3 months for total decomposition and we get amorphous, brown-black compost. Chitinase enzyme reacts with the cell wall of disease causative pathogenic fungi or bacteria. It utilizes the protoplasm as a source of food and multiplies its spores. By this method the spores of the pathogenic fungi are destroyed. It destroys the fungal pathogens by secreting toxic substances such as Glyotoxin, Viridin and Trichodermin.

Soil application: Mix 1-2kg Nisargam in 200 liter water along with 40-50kg cattle dung to make slurry. Apply this slurry for the decomposition of 1ton organic matter. Add 30-40kg of rock phosphate/ single super phosphate/wood ash in mixture for enrichment of compost and to maintain the moisture level up to 50-60%

Slurry Preparation: Take 30-40 kg cow dung, 2kg jaggary, 1kg chick pea flour, 5 kg Nisargam, 1kg soil of the same farm in 200lit drum and mix with 100lit water. Keep this drum in shade for 4-5 days and stir time to time and then mix 100lit water and spread on organic matter.

For Drip: Mix 5kg Nisargam (per acre) in to 200lit water, filter it or take the upper layer and use for drip. Keep the drip line on organic matter so the moisture will be maintained and decomposition will become faster.

For better decomposing
  • Use smaller pieces of organic matter.
  • Heaps to be turned up-down every 15 days.
  • Moisten the heaps regularly to get enriched bio-compost after 40-50 days.

Storage Conditions : Store in cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

  • At the time of application do not mix with chemicals.
  • An interval of 10-15 days is required between the application of chemical and Nisargam.
  • It is preferable that Entire contents of pack should be used in one time.

  • It is Economical and effective to use in the field
  • It is Environment friendly, non toxic and non habit forming to plants
  • It is Ideal for organic farming, IPM and export oriented crops.
  • It can be used as a seed dressing agent
  • It has growth promoting properties.
  • Eco friendly and is non–toxic to humans and animals
  • Maintain the ecological balance