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Krishibact Biofertilizer

Krishibact Biofertilizeris a unique liquid & powder based formulation prepared by specially developed in house technology. It is an innovative formulation contains various microbes useful for potash mobilization.

Active ingredient : cells of Potash Mobilizing Bacteria

Why KRISHIBACT? : Potash is present in immobilized (fixed) form in the soil so plant cannot take full advantage of it. Microbes of Krishibact release enzymes and make Potash soluble (active/movable) so plant can take maximum Potash and we can reduce application doses of Potash fertilizer. Microbes present in Krishibact Biofertilizer releases various enzymes likes cellulase, protease, and phosphomonesterase, which make potash available to the plant.

  • Soil application : Mix 3 to 5 kg/1lit KRISHIBACT in 50 kg Farm Yard Manure and apply to one acre field before sowing/transplanting.
  • Seed treatment : Mix 250 gram/100ml KRISHIBACT in 250 ml of molten and cooled slurry prepared by adding small lump of jaggary and mix to seeds required for one acre. Dry in shade for 15-30 minutes before sowing. 250gm/100ml KRISHIBACT is sufficient for 10-15 kg seeds.
  • Seedling/sets/rhizomes Treatment : Mix 1 kg/500ml of KRISHIBACT in 50 liters of water in a container and dip the seedling/sets/rhizomes for 30 minutes before transplanting in one acre.
  • Soil Application for Nursery : In 1 kg cow dung or compost add 10ml/25 gm KRISHIBACT and spared it to nursery.
  • Drenching : Mix 1kg/1lit of KRISHIBACT in 200 liters water and use for drenching soil near the root zones of crop in one acre area.

Crops : KRISHIBACT is recommended for all crops.

Precautions to be taken while biofertilizer application
  • Store in cool dry and well ventilated place away from direct heat and sunlight.
  • Do not mix biofertilizers with chemical fertilizers or pesticides.
  • Keep 15 days interval between application of chemical fertilizers or pesticides
  • Use before expiry date

  • Reduces cost of Potash application by 50 to 60 %.
  • It encourages root development.
  • Helps rapid cell development in plants.
  • Improves resistance of crop plants.
  • Compatible with other beneficial microbes in the rhizosphere.
  • Enhances soil health and soil fertility.
  • Secretes growth hormones to increase crop productivity.
  • Benefits the next crop also due to residual effect.
  • Strains are isolated & cultured from local environment for best result.
  • Supply Potash to the plant to the extent of 30 to 50 Kg/ha.
  • Save up to 25% cost of chemical fertilizer.